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From North

We are born of cold and barren land
Where the wind hardened our will
We were forced to travel stormy seas
And never to give in

We lit the fire, Flames growing higher
Lead us toward to the fight (to the fight)

Give me your hate, I taste your fear
Your last mistake, The end is near

We are born of cold and barren land
Where the wind hardened our will
We were forced to travel stormy seas
And never to give in

We lit the fire …………….
Give me your ……………

From North, we carry on
With the flame burning strong in our hearts
From North, will of the one
We are here, we will light up the sky

I wake to the call to come
Will I go to the corner of the world?
When my time comes.

Ref x2


He Who Hates

Across the sky, drooling morning dew
You carry Moon, get them through
Their fate is foretold!

I am the warg, the wolf in heavens
Upon your back, mysterious Night
Oh, rime mane, slow thy chariot
Meet my kin at the awful fight

For the gods, all the nights and days
Until the sun will shine with black rays
Release Fenrir

Ref: x2

Forever chased by wolves, Day and Night
From her of Iron-wood, Until end of time
Then Moon and Sun will die, The fire roam
The twilight of the gods, They all were doomed

Ref: x2


Last Appeal

I will honor you One last time in life
Oh, so long ago I last kneeled to you
I will show my way One last sacrifice
With my blood I prove Am I worthy you

Appear before my eyes, A distant sight of light
As my forefathers land, Reach me one last time
And I can still recall, The road up to my home
Will you still wait me, Reach through the gloam

I did not forgot My own father’s land
Nor the Gods of old I do their demand

Ref: x2

I will see you, Try to feel you
Left the home, That I always belonged to


Are you still gathered around, The fireplace at night
And share the tales of whom, Sailed far out of sight
Then will you tell about, The son that disappeared Across the vast sea, Always looking back


Mead of Poetry

It may be, I bleed down your blade
I will kneel, not to be afraid
In my pride, a poem I will share
Act of respect, up to you to spare (up to you to spare)

I got a taste, this mead of poetry
And as I speak, come rhyming words for me
Like winter brook, still flows under the ice
Can I draw a tear, run down from your eyes

Strengths in words, conquer sharpest sword
Between foes, friendship be restored
Then we drink, mead for us who stood
For the poetry, sealed our brotherhood


I get slain Your furious gain
My bane, no grudge, oh bane 

My heart will Embrace your sword, Never to remain”

Gain my sympathy, With your poetry,
There’s no pride for me, Slay a man like thee
Have our horns refilled, Mead be drunk this guild
We forever share, How you fled despair

Ref: x2


Ormr inn Langi

Journey we fulfilled, On the greatest ever built
Longing when at sea, To return to home country
Then, From North, Encountering forth

I will fight you, Lash them side by side
I will break you, Serpent at its pride
I will fight you, Add arrow to your bow
I will break you, Divided, broke in two

Kings from northern lands, And earls from my own hands Superior in men, Inferior in faith
Fellow Kings, Fear Ormurin


Now what broke with such noise
He asked his man of choice
Replied ”Norway from Thy hands!”

I rather sink, down like a stone,
Than kneel before, Your heathen thrones

Journey was fulfilled, On the greatest ever built Longing when at sea, To return to home country
Too weak, too weak, Bow of a mighty King

Ref: x2


Ship’s Tale

There’s a ship belonging to the fire
When it sails it will bring back the liar

Bring the fire, Burning higher, Bring the fire, Burning higher

Have you cut the nails from dying men
Or the ship will build up stronger then

Bring the …………………

Hear the roaring storm, and ship breaks loose
Over crashing waves, A flaming sword
brighter then sun, To end this world

There’s a ship, the biggest of them all
When it sails it will be our downfall

Bring the …………………


Onwards she strive, old Naglfar Towards the plains
The twilight of the Gods draws near, The end will come



Sworn Brotherhood

I will see you on the other side
As we dine upon the feast
You will teach me of the afterlife
When I’m finally released
Pile up stones, you’ll be for evermore
On Hastling heights

We had sworn brotherhood, We were bound to die
And after all we stood, Roaring battle cry
We had sworn brotherhood, We are one

You sealed my fate tonight, I will go on and fight
I will honor you that way
I’m obligated by, the ancient law of gods
As the one-handed decide
In my blood, you’ll live for evermore
Lead me the way


We found, We slayed, the stab of our blade
I find, I slay, I invade

Ref: x2


The Catch

Low the oars continue out to sea
Over deepest oceans we must be
Bait on the ox head, have you fear?
Bringer of grief, you child is near

We gonna Bring up the monster, end this fight
You angered the World Serpent tonight
The world will crumble if you end his life, Release its bite

She of iron-wood has bred him
Siblings three of half-gods line
Sneaking Trickster, the Shape Shifter
Bring the fate of Gods and men

Sit still you giant, pale with fear
I can feel the catch is coming near
Where he dwells he winds all ’round Midgard
My hammer-blow will strike him hard

We gonna bring …………… I cut the line!


What are you, are you no giant
You loose the Jormungand, I heave you overboard
And wades back to land
Midgard Serpent… We meet again!

Ref: x4


The Hail

I will stand when they’re all gone
Fear no fire nor iron
Wolf-skinned, sons of our master
Bringing raging disaster

Hail, Hail, bring the Hail Hail, Hail, they fail

Flying tasters of blood will
Feast on slain brotherhood, now
I can aid and provide you
If you do as I tell to

Hail, Hail, bring ………………..

Name your price, whatever to be done
I will sacrifice my own son

Hail, Hail, Hail,  Storming Hail
Hail, Hail, Hail,  Make them fail
Hail, Hail, Hail,  Crushing Hail
Hail, Hail, Hail,  Make them fail

Hail, Hail, bring the Hail, Hail, Hail, they fail
Hail, Hail, bring the Hail, Hail, Hail, they fail

Name your price………….

My own son


The Longest Wait

Now sacrifice, In blood embrace this ship
Hand me the cup, Dull my senses, make my way
Lend me his sword and axe, Longboat in silent sea
All Vikings’ heads in bow, Allfather hear our plea

I take my place there by his side
All our duties be fulfilled now

Longest wait, we are complete
Over sea, the fire set us free
With the wind a whisper came
Your King has fallen

The days were long, Seasons came and went
I stood and wait, But nothing living came
The men who were too old
When you went are dead and gone
The youth who were too young
Are now prepared to go

I take my ………………..

Ref: x2

Longest wait, you dried my tears, Tore my soul,
fed up on fears, Great Jarl of Scania, Rise to Valhalla

Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh……………


The Sacred Oath

Sunlight chase the night away, Spring is here to stay
All of forest brought to life, Of the warming rays
Like the light, that shatters night
You have shined on me, My own heart I cannot fight
We were meant to be

We will make our crops grow high
Stronger day by day, Work will draw tears from our eyes
But honest work will pay, I have faced so many blades
And never been afraid, Until this night, I cannot fight
The light in your eyes

We will always be, We are bound eternity
At the brink of life we stand, I will hold your hand
Through the darkest tide, I will never leave your side
I am the one to go, Through the life with you

Sunlight chase the night away, Spring is here to stay
All of forest brought to life, Of the warming rays
Ravens fly up in the sky, Howls beneath the trees
All is seen by Odins eye, Praise over you and me

Snow will fall, and winters come The cold will try to stay But our fires never fade, It never will betray
I have faced so many blades, And never been afraid
Until this night, I cannot fight, The light in your eyes

Ref: x2

I have faced so many blades, many blades, many blades
And  I never been afraid, been afraid, been afraid

Ref: x2

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