The Band

FROM NORTH are a Swedish folk/viking metal band founded in 2017 in Varberg Sweden, the music is a mixture of songs with heavy riffs to unadorned songs with texts taken from the norse mythology consisting of gods, vikings and other beings. The band has a large and dynamic sound that is backed by a large and well-made backtrack.

The band consists of!
Janne Lüthje (guitar)
Mattias Svensson (guitar)
Mikael Nilsson (bass)
Håkan Johnsson (vocal)

All members have a long history in music and have former connections to bands like, anata, bleed for me, irrbloss, sinisty, zero illusions, years of falling etc.

Video teaser

Video teaser for upcoming album RAVEN BANNER!
2 New videos will be released at the beginning of 2023 in connection with the album release!

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