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Some short notes about what's going on!
2018-03-05  |  NEW VIDEO OUT!

Finally! Today our second music video is officially released and what can be better than to celebrate this with a new contest?!

2018-01-25  |  BOOKING AGENT

We would like to inform you that JB not only will act as live bassist but also as the new Booking Agent for the Swedish metal band @fromnorthswe Lev fri and Hail Odin

2018-01-21  |  REHERSAL

Today we performed a first rehearsal with one of our 2 awesome standin bassists. Tobias Gustavsson/Bernström drove through all the songs with great effort!

2018-01-16  |  BASSPLAYER

Since Micke went on a year long travel, we have found 2 killer-bassplayers who will help us on gigs and festivals 2018.

2018-01-11  |  NEW VIDEO

The last journey/shooting to our next musicvideo has come to an end. We are very excited to se the results of a great effort from Palehorseinn Production and all involved.

2018-01-08  |  NEW SONGS

New material for our second album are under development, The next album is a demanding job, because we have to play all the cards to create something that surpasses our first album

2018-01-03  |  FN RANKED NR:1

FROM NORTH ranked as the best release in 2017 by Amboss Mag Germany!

2018-01-01  |  STICKY FINGERS

För er som inte hade möjlighet att deltaga på vår releasefest på stickys i höstas kör vi nu igen den 2 mars.

Mer info hittar du på evenemanget som ligger ute på vår f-book sida.