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About Us

Who we are


With heavy riffs, strong melodies and lyrics based on Nordic mythology, FROM NORTH stands strong in its genre and delivers a crushing metal worthy the Thunder God himself. All backed up with medieval instruments and a big, fat backing tracks. Although.
FROM NORTH only yet released one full-length album (their self-titled album from 2017, received with great reviews) they
made this summer a highly acclaimed concert as the opening act of the German festival Rockhartz. With a loyal fan base, a great interest and a massive wow effect, FROM NORTH drew one of the largest audience for an opening band since the start of the festival
Hakan Johnsson, Singer & songwriter, Janne Lüthje, Lead-guitar, Mattias Svensson, Rythm-guitar, Mikael Kindblad, Bass.
An underdog with one hell of a bite! FROM NORTH will release their second album during the first half of 2020.

H Johnsson

After a long background as a singer and songwriter, the viking power inside me became so strong that I decided to leave the deep dark swedish forrests to steer my mighty longship FROM NORTH to the swedish west coast. and together with my viking brothers we shall now conquer the rest of the world

M Svensson

With a shorter background than him above, at least as a singer, I saddle the rythm guitar in FROM NORTH. As young with nimble fingers, I played in the tech deathmetal band Anata. After the age have taken out their rights, and after the surgery of both wrists, FROM NORTH felt like the right call.

M Kindblad

Bringing some of Tors thunder to the lower frequencies and background growling angrily best as I can! Happy as long as I can travel the roads on motorcycles and tour-vans and travel the mighty oceans on my board or on From Norths longship! Been playing the 6 stringers and mighty 4 stringers most of my life and will to the end of my days. A family man and modern Viking, and almost as handsome as Janne.

J Lüthje

In the beginning, the world was a bright place, but somewhere along the way Mr. Lüthje was born and the concept of dark black was a fact.
After playing in Zero Illusions, Years of Falling and several other band constellations Mr. Lüthje axed the role as the lead guitarist in FROM NORTH at the year of 2017.

+46 73 415 66 65 | Janne L.