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We are FROM NORTH, True Swedish Viking Metal.
With lyrics about the old Gods, of the kings, men and women who endured the barren north and the voyages at sea. The music draws blood from both melodic extreme metal, medieval tunes and hard hitting metal anthems. We come from the forests and from the coasts: we are From North!

Coming fresh from our start-up set @ Rockharz Open air, that managed to get over 15.000 people joining and headbanging; From North now the ocean wind in our sails!

With several freshly recorded mixed and mastered, yet unreleased songs and many more written and waiting to be tracked: As vikings we are determined not to let the blood on our swords dry. And to never leave a neck standing still…
We´re now looking for a full label contract and a global distribution/Promotion deal, with a label that understands our calling and can help us conquer the world.

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With heavy riffs, strong melodies and lyrics based on Nordic mythology, FROM NORTH stands strong in its genre and delivers a crushing metal worthy the Thunder God himself. All backed up with medieval instruments and a big, fat backing tracks. Although FROM NORTH only yet released one full-length album (their self-titled album from 2017, received with great reviews) they made this summer a highly acclaimed concert as the opening act of the German festival Rockhartz. With a loyal fan base, a great interest and a massive wow effect, FROM NORTH drew one of the largest audience for an opening band since the start of the festival. An underdog with one hell of a bite! FROM NORTH will release their second album during the first half of 2020. FROM NORTH is looking for gigs world wide for the second half of 2019 and for 2020!

Håkan Johnsson, Singer & songwriter, Janne Lüthje, Lead-guitar, Mattias Svensson, Rythm-guitar, Mikael Kindblad, Bass, Drums. XXX


From North

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Andreas Lindvall

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From North

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From North

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Pale horse inn prod.

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Some reviews

Necromance Digital Magazine (SP) – 10/10
Jenny Tate – 10/10
Rock Overdose (GR) – 90/100
Legacy Magazin (D), #110 – 9/13
Metal is Forever Alive (D) – 8.5/10
World of metal (por) 8,5/10
The Metal observer (uk) – 8/10
A Different Shade of Black Metal Zine – 8/10
Folk-Metal.nl – 8/10
Gaveta de Bagunca – 8/10
Powermetal.de 8/10
Artrock (SWE) – 7,5/10
Metalhead.it (IT) – 7.5/10
Powerplay Magazine (UK), #203 – 7/10
Ultraje Magazine (PT) – 7/10
All Around Metal (IT) – 3.5/5
Heavy Music Headquarters – 3/5
Hellfire Magazine (D)
Kalle-Rock.de (D)
Merchants of Air
Kaosguards (FR) – 16/20
Rockportaal (D)
Hard Rock Info
La Legion Underground – 12/20

  1. From North From North 4:17
  2. Volund The Smith From North 5:31
  3. He Who Hates From North 3:50
  4. Last Appeal From North 4:32
  5. Ships Tale From North 3:51
  6. Mead Of Poetry From North 4:39
  7. Sworn Brotherhood From North 4:30
  8. The Sacred Oath From North 5:39
  9. Ormr In Langi From North 4:20
  10. The Catch From North 4:34
  11. The Longest Wait From North 4:26


Please visit our DEMOPAGE (ask for password) to take part of some of the new, finished and unreleased songs! You will also find press materials, our music videos and info about us.
To make offers, receive more info or for any questions, please contact us at: fromnorthswebooking@gmail.com
Best regards, FROM NORTH