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Albums:   FROM NORTH
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Lyrics: The Catch

The Catch

Low the oars continue out to sea
Over deepest oceans we must be
Bait on the ox head, have you fear?
Bringer of grief, you child is near

We gonna Bring up the monster, end this fight
You angered the World Serpent tonight
The world will crumble if you end his life, Release its bite

She of iron-wood has bred him
Siblings three of half-gods line
Sneaking Trickster, the Shape Shifter
Bring the fate of Gods and men

Sit still you giant, pale with fear
I can feel the catch is coming near
Where he dwells he winds all 'round Midgard
My hammer-blow will strike him hard

We gonna bring …………… I cut the line!


What are you, are you no giant
You loose the Jormungand, I heave you overboard
And wades back to land
Midgard Serpent... We meet again!

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