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Albums:   FROM NORTH
Bands:   From North

Lyrics: The Longest Wait

The Longest Wait

Now sacrifice, in blood embrace this ship
Hand me the cup, dull my senses, make my way
Lend me his sword and axe, longboat in silent
All Vikings' heads in bow, Allfather hear our plea

I take my place there by his side
All our duties be fulfilled now

Longest wait, we are complete
Over sea, the fire set us free
With the wind a whisper came
Your King has fallen

The days were long, seasons came and went
I stood and wait, but nothing living came
The men who were too old,
When you went are dead and gone
The youth who were too young,
Are now prepared to go

I take my ………………..

Ref: x2

Longest wait, you dried my tears, tore my soul,
fed up on fears,
Great Jarl of Scania, Rise to Valhalla
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