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Albums:   FROM NORTH
Bands:   From North

Lyrics: Volund The Smith

Volund The Smith
Come to my lonely islet, crafts for lord of Njars
Thy father made for me this prison without bars
I made the ring for my valkyria, my lost
Not for your blood, I will revenge at any cost

Welcome over please, from your heads I make
You cut of my knees, a gift for King to take

I will cut of your heads, uncaring of your cries
And make for Queen those gemstones, made out of your eyes
And from your teeth I made a necklace, oh so bright
I will be far above, forever to despise

Welcome over please, daughter of the King
He cut of my knees, I take you as you sleep

I spread my wings, fly into the skies
Received revenge, time for my arise
Drink from your cups, made from skulls of sons
I am to try, find the only one

Come to my lonely islet ………………
Welcome over ………………


Where are you, where went you
Called back to what they were meant for
Swan maiden, I beg you -
Called back to what they were meant for

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