Final mix!

Today we defied the weather gods, and made the final mix of some new recorded songs, with Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios!
This will be awesome!


Greetings viking metal lovers ???
We have created some new cool stage gadgets for upcoming gigs – see out there!

Vote to Sabatan Open Air 2019!

Give us a vote to Sabatan Open Air 2019! ?

Band 2019

Dishonest printing companies in Slovenia!

Någon som kan tipsa om ett bra tryckeri gällande Merch?

Vi har lagt en beställning hos en tryckare och även betalat för oss men tyvärr ser det ut som att vi blivit blåsta! ???

Så jävla dålig stil alltså! ?

Gäller denna t-shirt! ???

Har ni planer på att beställa Merch ifrån Slovenien? Kontakta oss innan så ni inte väljer det företag som blåste oss!

Anyone who can suggest a good merch printing company?

We have placed an order for printing t-shirts and also paid for them, but unfortunately it looks like we have been screwed big time! ???

So damn shitty style! ?

Do you plan to order Merch from Slovenia? Contact us before! We will tell you which company that fooled us.

Applies to this t-shirt!


The Rockbar in gothenburg

Now we are placed on one of the walls of the ROCKBAR in Gothenburg.

Order our cd from Usa + Canada

Now you can order our debut album from USA + Canada


Nässjö Citypark

Hope to see you at Nässjö Citypark tonight, we will be on stage around 21:00

See you there!



Greetings viking metallers?
Please say hi to VALKYRIA, the new member of From North.

New Homepage

Welcome to our new homepage, the site is still under construction.


New video out!

Finally! Today our second music video is officially released and what can be better than to celebrate this with a new contest?!

To participate you have to both like our page AND share this post.
The winner will be drawn on March 31st.
The prize will be a CD and a patch.
Good luck?