From North is a  Swedish folk/viking metal band founded 2016 in Varberg. The songs are epic viking hymns: mixing modern hard hitting metal with nordic and mideval instruments and lyrics drawing inspiration  from the rich Norse folkelore. Stories about the myths, gods and the heroes and warriors that came before. The band released their higly acclaimed debut album 2017 and after that several EPs: but in 2023 they return with a new full lenght album! After gigs at Rockharz Festival and Viborg Metal Festival; the pandemic plage years came… But now the vikings are back to once again ride the waves and raid the lands! Hold your horns up high!   The band consists of: Håkan Johansson - Vocals, songwriting Mattias Svensson – Guitar Janne Lutje – Guitar Mikael Kindblad – Bass Conny Pettersson – Drums



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